Curator: Javier González Pesce.
Place: Exhibition space, Centro Cultural El Tranque, Lo Barnechea.
Material: Wood, objects, masking tape and a bit of fantasy. 
Size: 17 x 3.5 x 2.5 meters approximately.
Year: 2019


A site-specific project that reflects upon divergences of thought and how they generate different points of view in concerning our surrounding context.


Wall Text

Let's imagine that between one thing and another there’s always something. Let's imagine that what we understand as the distance is nothing more than a translucent volume. Let's imagine that the empty space has a shape, that it is a figure. What would happen if suddenly that emptiness between object and body would condensate until it becomes rigid? What if every void was actually full? I suddenly imagine space not as an environment that allows a flow, but as a large solid crystal that captures, freezes and stops every phenomena and situation in its interior. As if the spatial lightness that allows me to become close or far from objects and bodies, would suddenly get stuck, as a spatial cramp. Then, all of us (and everything) would become part of the same body, the same form, the same volume. Just as small insects trapped in amber, or like the tiny landscapes inside the transparent gear knobs of the old yellow buses. We would be a sort of diorama inside a large shape.

But if we think about it closely, the difference between this idea of a hard space, and the fluid space where we develop our lives, is just a matter of speed and fluidity.

But isn’t it space actually a web of relations? Isn’t it that between a person and an object there is more than just emptiness? A connection that we don't see?

Our life may happen inside a large figure, some sort of sculpture where the space occupied by emptiness is just not solid but fluid.

I am inclined to believe that Silly Idea Number 2 is in dialogue with the reflections stated in this short text.

A large organic volume creates an enigmatic presence inside the exhibition space of Centro Cultural Tranque. A large figure, an unusual curious body, of very particular dimensions, sits enigmatic and silently in space. Its surface is masking tape, which makes it unclear if this is an actual skin or a coating. Recognizable parts emerge (or sink) from the elongated figure. Fragments and pieces which are in contact with the figure assimilated as part of the same body. It is a material situation in which there are parts but no limits, everything is fused into one single body, like a large shapeless mass, but with parts that our memory believes to identify.

If there are no limits there is no distance, everything is the same, or part of the same. As mentioned before, this is a sort of spatial situation with no material interruption, with no middle ground. A sculptural idea about space as volume, as an interrupted bodily presence, as matter.

Créditos fotográficos / Benjamín Matte