4957 - MURAL CCU
Place: Edificio corporativo CCU, Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Dimensions: 105 mts. cuadrados aprox.
Year: 2006-2007


This project is proposed as a strategy for the occupation of a two-dimensional space that develops in harmony with the proposed supporting structure, and which exploits the site's architecture and luminosity characteristics.

The project seeks to emphasize the main access to CCU’s new corporate building and for this reason has reclaimed the volumes, luminosity and exterior projections generated by the large glass screen that faces the granite wall, which separates interior from exterior.

The pieces on the granite wall develop in response to the horizontal line that breaks the vertical gesture of the columns facing this wall. The design has also taken into account the fact that the full view of the mural is from the exterior esplanade of the building, reason for which this line places the viewer in front of a horizon that refers to the construction of a landscape and the "macro-gaze" of a cartography responding to a development of demographic density.

The architectural space has been engaged here not only face-on but also from the point of view of its volumes, which develop from the ground level up and cut across the access level. Therefore, the project proposes an intervention on two levels of the main wall (front wall) and also on the lateral walls, which give volume to this parallelepiped.

The proposed densities and colours allow for the production of soft rhythms that are at the same time dynamic and playful; the horizontal line creates tension in an organic body created by 5,000 pieces that move in that space, producing various topographies on the surface.

The wall has a three-cycle zenithal illumination system that highlights the volumes of the pieces that comprise the mural by projecting shadows of the pieces that make up the mural, increasing the feeling of depth and generating a better visual perception of an organic surface.

The mural consists of approximately 5,000 pieces of turned and lacquered wood.

The dimensions of each piece vary according to the design, with measurements oscillating between 8 centimetres long and 6 centimetres in diameter up to 14 centimetres long and 12 centimetres in diameter.

105 square meters approximately.